Theater & Cinema

MALALA – 2021

PARSIFAL by Richard Wagner. Directed by François Girard at Metropolitan Opera.

ELEKTRA by Richard Strauss. Directed by Patrice Chéreau (x) & Vincent Huguet at Metropolitan Opera.

DETAINED by Rose-Mary Harrison and directed by Nancy Robillard.
Featuring: Julia Cavagna, Ken Dillon, Laura Fois, Robert S. Gregory, Beau McGhee, Nina Mehta. Nercido Mota, Natalia Plaza and Thomas Vorsteg.
Duane Pagano Costume Design – Brenna McShane Lighting Design – Diana Duecker Sound Design – David Margolin Lawson Production Stage Manager – Lisa Stafford.

BEHIND THE LANGUAGE: Julia Cavagna and Rebecca Lloyd Jones. Concept, direction and video – Rebecca Lloyd-Jones. Performance in collaboration – Rebecca Lloyd-Jones and Julia Cavagna Mentorship – Susana Cook ann Antonio Ramos .Residency – BAAD! and produced with support of Pepatian.

PINKTOE. Presented by Dixon Place and conceived by Dena Kopolovich with Julia Cavagna, Anna Eisley, Claire Hackett, Katie Oscar, Marshal Garbus, Urban Eisley, and photos by Katie Danielson.

EXTRACTS OF A CLOUD by Julia Cavagna & Barbara Victoria.